Fotos: Holistic Dance Practice @Sommerakademie Dienten, Universität Wien 2021

Victoria Primus &

Bianca Anne Braunesberger

Victoria Primus, born 1984, with center of life in Vienna, is mother of 2 children. dance/ choreography /dance mediation

February 2020 founded Verein Kreatur- association for the promotion of transdisciplinary and intercultural art initiatives, with visual artist Iris Weigel.

Victoria enjoyed her professional training at the Vienna State Opera Ballet Academy, Performing Arts School Vienna and graduated from the University of London Arts, London Studio Centre, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Dance, specializing in Contemporary Dance. She completed her professional training as a personal trainer at the Vienna University of Sport. During her studies she toured with the Intoto Dance Company performing pieces by Janet Smith (Scottish Dance Theatre), Rafael Bonachela (Sydney Dance Company), Michael Popper (Royal Ballet), Luca Silvestrini (Protein Dance Theatre Company).

Early on, she was introduced to the dance traditions of different cultures of the world at the world-renowned ImpulsTanz Festival Vienna. There Victoria took over the years of dance assistance at the side of the internationally renowned choreographer and dance teacher Joe Alegado. Dance crosses borders and forges connections between cultures based on mutual respect. From a young age, this knowledge sparked an urge to work internationally in artistic collaborations. Since graduating from university, she has worked with dance companies, festivals, and various artists: including Theater Ansicht, Vienna Biennale, Noise Aquarium, Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna Design Week, X Factor, Ivo Dimchev, ImPulsTanz Festival, Cie.tauschfühlung, Bodytalk, Flowmotion Dance Company, Phoenix Fire Dancers.

Teaching dance has a high priority in Victoria’s professional career. Since the beginning of her career she has worked intensively with children, youth and adults within year-long training programs, interactive workshops and theater productions, where she taught the respective technique of different dance styles, such as ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary dance, and created a variety of choreographies.

Since completing her Cultural Management course at the Institute for Cultural Concepts Vienna in 2019, Victoria has become more involved with interdisciplinary work at the intersection of art and science to create greater awareness of the ecological crisis and its impact on the planet. In 2019, as part of the Vienna Biennale Change Is Our Only Chance, she was commissioned to deliver a workshop series The Wonderful World of Plankton for children and young people in cooperation with the Angewandte Innovation Lab and the Noise Aquarium. For more collaborations involving the embodiment of abstract themes and a selection of video footage of Victoria’s professional work, visit her website.

Bianca Anne Braunesberger studied Choreography and Anatomy at Tanztheater Helix Linz, Contemporary Dance, Classical Dance and Dance Pedagogics at Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance Munich.

Disciplines such as Costumedesign and Acrylic Painting widen her artistic spectrum, creating scenographies and costumes for own and other productions. Unique fashiondesign in various shops in Munich and Upper Austria.

Furthermore she is educated as an internationally certified Yoga, Pilates teacher and Nuad Bodyworker. After her dance studies she worked as a dance artist with Jyri Kylian, Romeo Castellucci, at Bavarian States Opera, Nationaltheatre Prague, Static Man Portugal, tanzcopp Vienna, Tanzkollektiv Equilibrium Linz and more. Working as a dancer, choreographer, director of photography and costume designer for movies, videoworks, theatre and site – specific projects.

Founder of Cie.tauschfühlung Contemporary Dance – & Musiccompany 2011, Choreographer, Management & Artistic Director for dance & musicproductions since that date. Voice and Founder of QUOD – electronic musicduo. Engaging the community in artistic processes as a main source of inspiration and expression. Interested in and driven by subconscious sensations, which lead to an artistic output through dance, music or other forms of artistic expressions. Scholarship 2020 by the city of Vienna for the movie production “SOSEIN”.

Teaching Dance and Bodywork for professional dancers, interested teenagers and adults in renown institutions such as Burgtheater Wien, Festspielhaus St Pölten, Dock 11 Berlin, Tanzfabrik Linz, Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz. Founder of MO(ve)MENTS of PEACE & Creation Retreats. / /// RYT 500+ hr, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga. Pilates Body Arts and Science International. Nuad Thai Massage Massageschule Innsbruck & Karin Ngyuen.

Fotos: V. Primus, Fotoshooting für QUOD, Ado / B.A.Braunesberger im Solostück SOSEIN, Stelzer